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Good Training

Collage of varius Gray's muscle pictures by Mi...

Collage of varius Gray’s muscle pictures by Mikael Häggström (User:Mikael Häggström) (Photo credit: Wikipedia)


The Muscle Maximizer Review – Article Source:


When I decided to review this program I wanted to get independent information about building muscle and strength. It’s one thing to take the word of a guy who is trying to sell you something but if you can compare it with an independent source, that’s when you can truly get to the truth. I am an Australian so I went to the official Australian Institute of Sport, (AIS), website to get an independent viewpoint. The Australian Institute Of Sport, (AIS), has a step by step guide for athletes interested in gaining muscle mass, strength and power. The AIS recommends a 6 step program to increase muscle mass:


1. Start with a good training program:


Muscles need stimulation to grow. Seek expert advice from a reputable strength coach.


2. Set realistic goals:


Everyone is after quick results when it comes to muscle development but the reality is that muscles take time to grow. Everyone has a different genetic potential to develop muscle mass so your goals must be realistic for you. Gains usually occur relatively quickly at the start of a training program then slow down as the body adjusts.


3. Support your training with a high-energy diet that provides adequate protein:


To gain muscle mass effectively, a positive energy balance of at least 2000-4000 kilojoules per day is required. This calls for a general increase in dietary intake.


4. Get Organised:


Increasing your energy intake is not always easy. It requires considerable organisation and commitment to consistently consume a high- energy intake. This includes having a planned approach to shopping and cooking to ensure appropriate foods are available.


5. Eat and drink more frequently:


Eating more frequently, rather than increasing the amount of food you consume at each meal, is a more effective way to ensure an increase in food and energy intake.


6. Be patient and consistent:


Increases in body mass of 2 – 4kg per month is generally considered achievable but individuals can respond differently to strength training. It is important to be consistent with your training and diet.


Based on this information will The Muscle Maximizer program has real potential to help us build muscle?


What Is The Muscle Maximizer?


The muscle maximizer was created by Kyle Leon, a qualified nutrition expert and fitness trainer. The muscle maximizer program is a muscle building program that combines workout and nutrition to help you build muscle without the fat. This program is not a one size fits all, you have to put in your personal information for example your height, weight, age, metabolism and it works out a nutritional plan specific to your muscle building needs. The program allocates all the nutrients you body needs at certain times of the day and when this is combined with your regular workout routines it will give your body the energy/fuel it needs at just the right time to build muscle without the fat.


There are 3 customised nutritional meal plans you can choose from every day. Which not only give you all the nutrition you need for optimum muscle building but also offers variety so you don’t get bored with eating the same foods every day. Kyle recommends protein and healthy fats for muscle building as proteins burn unhealthy fats and help fuel muscle growth.


The muscle maximizer guides you through an intensive muscle building and strength building workout. These workouts when done with numerous repetitions build strength and muscle mass. There are also workouts that specifically target individual muscle groups for a more localized muscle build.


The Benefits:


• This program is straight to the point, is easy to read and easy to get started on.


• The nutrition program is specialized and individually tailored to your needs.


• The muscle maximizer gives you a muscle building plan unique and individually tailored to your body.


• Comes with a 60 day money back guarantee.


• This is a program for serious muscle builders.


• The program is a downloadable PDF file so you get all the information quickly and easily once you sign up.


The Negatives:


• If you are not from America you will need to convert weights and measures when working out your diet and meal plans.


The Final Word:


The muscle maximizer seems too cover all the steps recommended by the Australian Institute of Sports. It has a good strength and muscle building training program, it sets out goals, provides a protein rich diet, the custom made nutritional meal plan gets you organized and it calls for discipline and patience. The muscle maximizer is for serious people wanting serious increase in muscle mass. I like this program because it’s a no hype, no fluff, easy to follow program. If you want to build muscle and be a lean mean muscle machine you must get this program.


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Article Source:





Be Prepared

Family Survival Course Review

Is Family Survival Course a scam or a useful guide? Read this article and find the answer:

The Future is for those who prepare.  This well written easy to follow Family Survival Course is one of the best that you will find!

You will however have to get past the initial video on the product page which I myself found to be somewhat gloomy and perhaps a little misleading when it comes down to the impending danger of an apocalypse.  There is however many good points within the video as well.   If you feel that the video is pushing impending doom in the beginning do not make the mistake of closing out the vendors web site.   Finish the entire video and then make your choice to buy the product.

The five key factors to survival as stated in the guide are.







Costs of food Generic vs Brand Names.

Nutritional Goals per day.

How to make up a basic box of food

Starches,Protein foods, Vitamin foods, Oils & Flavorings

Infant Care

44 foods you will need to stock pile for family survival

Breakfast foods

Main meal foods


How to build a raised bed garden (complete step by step instructions including tools and material required)

What to grow

Shelf Life guides

Vacuum Packing


Ways to purify water

1. Alum

2. Filtration

3. Hot stones

4. Chemically

5. Filters

How to chlorinate water

Bad water diseases

Stored water

Containers to use

Sourcing water

Rainfall collection

Underground water collection


Herbal medicine

1. Storing

2. How to prepare and use herbs

3. Herbs that heal

How to boost your immune system

Herbal remedies

1. Birch leaves

2. Chickweed

3. Dandelion

4. Eucalyptus

5. Lavender


How to build your own solar panels (Complete step by step instructions including tools and materials required)

Types of solar systems

Wind power

How to build your own wind turbine (Complete step by step instructions including tools and materials required)

How to build a cheap affordable generator (step by step instructions that do require some mechanical skills)


How to protect your family

Common household weapons

How to build a panic room

Each one of these topics are covered in great detail. Planning is a key factor and the author talks of strategically stock piling,learning skills, individual needs as well as location of perceived threats.  You will find few if any survival courses that have gone into the depths of survival as this course has.  I highly recommend that if you are truly looking for a Survival Course.  Then you need not looking any further as this is the course that covers all you need to know in with easy to follow instructions on all subjects covered.

Also the 72 hour Survival Kit listing all required items needed to survive for a short time as well as the storage and the crucial Bug Out Bag Listing the items you can not survive without are covered in this course.

This is an Honest and unbiased review of the Family Survival Course. I hope this has helped you make the right decision about this product. I  can honestly say that I think the product is well worth the cost. C lick here to visit my review site:

Here are some related topics you may be interested in:

Off Grid Survival – Wilderness & Urban Survival Skills

Pioneer Living – Pioneer Living Survival

Disaster & Survival Gear

Survival Kits & Supplies

Article Source:

Article Source:

Waste Management

English: Main Street, downtown Milton, Ontario

English: Main Street, downtown Milton, Ontario (Photo credit: Wikipedia)

hAndy Disposal tips  Milton, Ontario

      An experienced roll-off dumpster rental
      company will be the essential component of effective

Waste management
Disposal of waste in a landfill, burying the waste remains a common practice in most countries. Landfills were often established in abandoned or unused quarries, mining voids or borrow pits.
A properly designed and well-managed landfill can be a hygienic and relatively inexpensive method of disposing of waste materials.
Older, poorly designed or poorly managed landfills can create a number of adverse environmental impacts such as wind-blown litter, attraction of vermin, and generation of liquid leachate. Another common product of landfills is gas (mostly composed of methane and carbon dioxide), which is produced as organic waste breaks down anaerobically.
This gas can create odor problems, kill surface vegetation, and is a greenhouse gas.
Design characteristics of a modern landfill include methods to contain leachate such as clay or plastic lining material. Deposited waste is normally compacted to increase its density and stability, and covered to prevent attracting vermin like skunks, mice or rats.
New landfills have landfill gas extraction systems in the design to extract the landfill gas. Gas is pumped out of the landfill using perforated pipes and flared off or burnt in a gas engine to generate electricity.

Waste Management Milton, Ontario

      roll-off and removal.

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Milton Ontario Area  Canada

Milton, Ontario

Milton, Ontario (Photo credit: Wikipedia)

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27 Side Road Bridge

A map of the Greater Toronto Area with the Cit...

A map of the Greater Toronto Area with the City of Toronto and the four surrounding regional municipalities. (Photo credit: Wikipedia)

Reconstruction of 27 Side Road Silver Creek Bridge, Halton Hills March 13, 2013

Public Information Centre Wed. March 13, 2013

6:00 PM to 8:00 PM

Town of Halton Hills

Esquesing room 1 Halton Hills Drive, Ontario

905.873.2601 –

Silver Creek

Silver Creek (Photo credit: windsordi)


Fallbrook; Is Heritage  Designation going to be enough?

Silver Creek Bridge on 27 Side road, by the Fallbrook

English: A drawing of the principle behind a c...

English: A drawing of the principle behind a corbelled arch. (Photo credit: Wikipedia)

Trail Farm property is a single vault bridge and “it is a rare and breathtaking example of a true masonry arch bridge”, says Heritage Halton Hills.  Council voted to get more public input on a staff recommendation to close 27 Sideroad to vehicular traffic at the bridge, due to its increasingly deteriorating state.

Review the preliminary project drawings and discuss the proposed work.

In September 2007, Credit Valley Conservation, owners of the Fallbrook Trail Farm property, applied to the Town for a demolition permit for the deteriorating empty building improperly closed up, plagued by mold and poor care in order to return the land to its natural state.  Three months later, a citizens’ group to save the old building and use it as a heritage education centre.

150 Friends of Fallbrook Farm (FFF) remained with support of a report by a heritage expert stressing the property’s heritage value.  Halton Hills’ heritage advisory committee (Heritage Halton Hills) reversed its earlier position and now called on the Town to designate the property.

At its December meeting, Halton Hills council voted to approve a Heritage Halton Hills report calling for the designation of Fallbrook Farm, including the log cabin portion of the house, mill site and Silver Creek bridge.

The west side of the home is the original 19th century log cabin built with squared, red pine rough bark logs, and is one of the few remaining structures of this type left in Halton Hills. The additions to the home have no design or heritage value, stated the HHH in its report to council.

The Silver Creek Bridge on 27 Sideroad by the farm is a single vault bridge and “it is a rare and breathtaking example of a true masonry arch bridge”, said HHH.  In a related matter, council voted to get more public input on a staff recommendation to close 27 Sideroad to vehicular traffic at the bridge, due to its increasingly deteriorating state.

HHH says the mill site “has the potential to clearly demonstrate the evolution of a typical example of the community’s first industrial complex… and has remained largely undisturbed since it was abandoned.”

The whole Fallbrook site is important, as it represents 500 years of history on two hectares.   FFF would like the First Nations history explored as well.

The history of the Fallbrook property does go back to early North American time…. These are national treasures we’re talking about here of our heritage over fears and conjecture about the (financial) future?”

we don’t have any rich donors at the moment, and we’ll need a lot of small donors…. We need a trigger and hopefully this Bridge at Silver Creek issue is the trigger.”

He added FFF is looking to the CVC as the property owner to support them on grant applications.

Kirkwood said FFF members have already spent $20,000 of their own money.

It would depend on community support to close 27 Sideroad to vehicular traffic at the bridge and we have had that.

Meanwhile FFF members continue to collect information on the heritage of the area, and the group presented certificates to 30 “elders” who have given the group an oral history of the Fallbrook/Ballinafad area.

McKay said it was a celebration of the rich history of this community, which until up to now had not been fully recorded.

“Both parties have made a sincere effort; however, more than two years has passed with no measurable success. With a large set of priority projects and limited human and financial resources to meet assigned targets, the recommendation is to curtail any further work on the development and implementation of the Fallbrook Farmhouse Heritage Project.”

A Servicios W – Milton, Ontario

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Milton eliminación cómo los servicios de bienestar animal puede ayudar a su sitio de trabajo Milton Ontario

Call  Andy;  Daytime Monday^Friday – 905.399.6927  for a quote today.

La percepción de que el Contratista típico es el del empresario solitario que trabaja en un hogar o una oficina pequeña. Sin embargo, la realidad es que muchos de nuestros trabajos Milton Ontario Contratistas de tradicional de ladrillo y mortero de las empresas que también producen y / o venta de productos o prestación de servicios.
Clientes típicos AW Servicios ‘tiene un patio o edificio dedicado almacén o mayor oficina en la que uno o más empleados ir a trabajar. Su empresa podría ser cualquier cosa, desde una muestra individual para las instalaciones de fabricación enormes.

Si usted es un ladrillo y mortero de tamaño contratista en Milton Ontario, tiene necesidades que son similares a los de otros clientes. Estas necesidades pueden incluir la construcción en general y de los recursos de eliminación de basura que proveemos regularmente en nuestros días. 30 años de experiencia en camiones y otros recursos.

Su proyecto en el hogar o lugar de trabajo pueden tener necesidades adicionales que están por encima y más allá de las de nuestros otros clientes. Es a causa de sus necesidades particulares Servicios AW ha crecido para ayudarle a ahorrar tiempo y dinero:

AW Servicios – Milton, Ontario clientes típicos AW Servicios ‘tiene un patio dedicado o edificio de almacén o mayor oficina en la que uno o más empleados ir a trabajar. Su empresa podría ser cualquier cosa, desde una muestra individual para las instalaciones de fabricación enormes.

Si usted es un ladrillo y mortero de tamaño contratista en Milton Ontario, tiene necesidades que son similares a los de otros clientes. Estas necesidades pueden incluir la construcción en general y de los recursos de eliminación de basura que proveemos regularmente en nuestros días. 30 años de experiencia en camiones y otros recursos.

Su proyecto en el hogar o lugar de trabajo pueden tener necesidades adicionales que están por encima y más allá de las de nuestros otros clientes. Es a causa de sus necesidades particulares Servicios AW ha crecido para ayudarle a ahorrar tiempo y dinero:

Call  Andy;  Daytime Monday^Friday – 905.399.6927  for a quote today.

Como usted está a menudo se enfrentan con plazos muy ajustados, especialmente si usted no es quien toma la decisión primaria. Cualquier retraso en conseguir un bin retirado o entregado puede tener graves consecuencias tanto para usted y su organización.



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Stoves – Safety Tips

English: Wood pellet stove

English: Wood pellet stove (Photo credit: Wikipedia)

Lincoln family wood fired stove in the kitchon...

Lincoln family wood fired stove in the kitchon of the Springfield Lincoln home, Illinois (Photo credit: Wikipedia)

English: A full cord of wood.

English: A full cord of wood. (Photo credit: Wikipedia)

Logs for use as firewood, stacked to dry.

Logs for use as firewood, stacked to dry. (Photo credit: Wikipedia)

If wood is plentiful in your area, why not look at firewood as a practical solution to the rising costs of conventional heating.   Heating with wood is a step away from the push button lifestyle we take for granted.   Also, heating with wood is a positive step toward independence and a source of exercise and family bonding.

A Clean Chimney

A dirty chimney will cause a smoking fireplace. A wood stove or fireplace that is used for full time heating should be cleaned after 2 or 3 months.
It’s always nice to enjoy the warmth after you light your fireplace.   You will want to warm the chimney when you light a fire in a home heating system.  Allow the fire as much air as safely possible, this raises the efficiency of the heating unit. A warm chimney prevents back-drafting and the accumulation of creosote.
Some people use cedar kindling for lighting their fire, but small pieces of hardwood are easy to get going, then just add big wood when the chimney is warmed up.

A slow or low air flow fire will not fully burn all the components inside the wood. A large amount of acids, smoke and water vapors will be produced. This will condense in a cool chimney as a black gummy residue.
This firewood safety blog will be continued.

Why use a rack for your cord of wood?

In the search for alternatives to fossil fuels in home heating, a great number of homeowners are discovering the advantages of wood. A storage rack for your firewood is a good investment. Proper storage prevents rot, mold and poorly cured wood. These things all affect the BTU of your firewood. British Thermal Units are the measure of heat produced when burning your wood. Cutting, splitting and stacking the firewood with care lends to proper curing. Having a cord of wood rack will allow you to ensure that your wood is clean, mold free and ready to go.
How to stack your cord of wood.
Stove size pieces of firewood should be stacked as soon as possible. Always stack the firewood off the ground and never directly against a building. You can stack the pieces side by side to save space, but remember that air circulation is what will cure the firewood. Don’t pack the pieces too closely the wood dries out mostly from the ends, but make your stack is strong enough to stand on its own. Stacking the wood log-cabin style increases airflow and will decrease curing time.

With your cord of wood stacked using a rack or storage system you will save, money and time. Having clean, dry, rot free wood, will help to keep your house clean and warm. Dry wood helps keep your chimney clean also. Cured dry wood lights up easy, and continues to burn efficiently. Properly cured firewood burns hotter and cleaner than green wood. Burning “green” wood can lead to creosote deposits in your chimney. Different types of wood are seasoned for different amounts of time.   In general, evergreens cure faster than hardwoods like hickory or oak.

To help cure your cord of firewood, leave the bark on. Cover the stack with clear, heavy plastic sheeting to let the heat of the sun dry the wood but allow air circulation from the sides. It is not necessary to cover the wood unless you get an exceptional amount of rain–the wood dries out mostly from the ends. It takes four months to a year to cure firewood, depending on the type, size and location. Locating your cord of wood rack in the sun will speed up drying time.
To see if firewood is cured, look for checking and splitting on the ends. The bark should also come off easily. If you weigh a piece just after it is split, you can determine when it has lost its 20% weight in water. Weigh it again in a month or so to see how it is seasoning. When it has lost 20% of its weight, it is cured. If in doubt, leave it for a full year.

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