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Family Survival Course Review

Is Family Survival Course a scam or a useful guide? Read this article and find the answer:

The Future is for those who prepare.  This well written easy to follow Family Survival Course is one of the best that you will find!

You will however have to get past the initial video on the product page which I myself found to be somewhat gloomy and perhaps a little misleading when it comes down to the impending danger of an apocalypse.  There is however many good points within the video as well.   If you feel that the video is pushing impending doom in the beginning do not make the mistake of closing out the vendors web site.   Finish the entire video and then make your choice to buy the product.

The five key factors to survival as stated in the guide are.







Costs of food Generic vs Brand Names.

Nutritional Goals per day.

How to make up a basic box of food

Starches,Protein foods, Vitamin foods, Oils & Flavorings

Infant Care

44 foods you will need to stock pile for family survival

Breakfast foods

Main meal foods


How to build a raised bed garden (complete step by step instructions including tools and material required)

What to grow

Shelf Life guides

Vacuum Packing


Ways to purify water

1. Alum

2. Filtration

3. Hot stones

4. Chemically

5. Filters

How to chlorinate water

Bad water diseases

Stored water

Containers to use

Sourcing water

Rainfall collection

Underground water collection


Herbal medicine

1. Storing

2. How to prepare and use herbs

3. Herbs that heal

How to boost your immune system

Herbal remedies

1. Birch leaves

2. Chickweed

3. Dandelion

4. Eucalyptus

5. Lavender


How to build your own solar panels (Complete step by step instructions including tools and materials required)

Types of solar systems

Wind power

How to build your own wind turbine (Complete step by step instructions including tools and materials required)

How to build a cheap affordable generator (step by step instructions that do require some mechanical skills)


How to protect your family

Common household weapons

How to build a panic room

Each one of these topics are covered in great detail. Planning is a key factor and the author talks of strategically stock piling,learning skills, individual needs as well as location of perceived threats.  You will find few if any survival courses that have gone into the depths of survival as this course has.  I highly recommend that if you are truly looking for a Survival Course.  Then you need not looking any further as this is the course that covers all you need to know in with easy to follow instructions on all subjects covered.

Also the 72 hour Survival Kit listing all required items needed to survive for a short time as well as the storage and the crucial Bug Out Bag Listing the items you can not survive without are covered in this course.

This is an Honest and unbiased review of the Family Survival Course. I hope this has helped you make the right decision about this product. I  can honestly say that I think the product is well worth the cost. C lick here to visit my review site:

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