Country Water, city Water

Most of us who live rurally are not on city water, we have our own water wells. With these wells there are some maintenance issues and certain responsibilities.

I enjoy having a well. I love not paying for water– not being dependent on “the grid”. I know people paying for the water coming into the house and the water going out of the house as well.

So what are some of the required maintenance and responsibilities of having a water well? Here is the list– much of it should come easy to self-reliant people. You need to:

Change the sediment filters every few months; I would replace bacteria control at least every 3-4 months. It depends on the composition of the soil, that the water is in.

Test your water for safety from time to time. My region has a well water testing program that will run basic fecal and bacterial tests for free

Conserve water in the warmer, dryer months water well owners should NOT be using ground water to hydrate their lawn. The supply is free and should be shared.

Be careful about the chemicals, fertilizers, pesticides, etc., that you use on the property. You may end up drinking it from your water well. Avoid over dosing any processed chemicals, follow instructions and limit the amount used.

Do not dump any liquids anywhere on the property. Used motor oil is usually accepted by law at any oil change center. A small amount of anti-freeze can be deadly.

Be conscious that an electrical outage will impact your well pump, and plan to store both potable and non-potable water, for drinking and toilet flushing.
Another good source, if it is legal, think about rain barrels under downspouts to collect water and offset well usage for vegetation and/or animal hydration.

The bottom line is to think about, care for, and plan contingencies in relation to your well water supply, safety and health.

Brad Wheller, learn every day.

Rentals for Riches


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