Landscape Lighting


    Landscape Lighting

As a landscaper there are many other things to consider other than the plants themselves. What makes your beautiful landscaping stand out is from the lighting surrounding them. The lighting is what electrifies the trees and flowers at night. There are several different kinds of lighting to consider though. Listed below are the different forms of lighting and a description of each.

Lets you show off a large sculpture or tree. You can even add multiple spotlights around an object to better the effect.

Path Area Lights

To light up your sidewalk or pathway at night for your guests

Flood and Well Lights

For illuminating tree canopies and large objects with a flood like look of PAR lamps

Specialty Lights

Specialty lights can be used for several lighting such as decks, steps, or underwater
If you need a custom application or fit this is the way to go

Lighting up your landscaping can be exciting.

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Landscaping Lights

Landscaping lights will complete the beauty of a landscaped garden. What are they specifically and how will it benefit you as a homeowner? Solar Powered Landscape Lights

Landscape lighting is a great way to highlight your home’s architecture and make pathways more visible. Porch lighting, outdoor sconces, outdoor chandeliers, landscape lights, for the outdoors or an outdoor sheltered area, can make a real difference in between a boring house and an exciting one! What is Landscape Lighting?

If you are like many home-owners now, while you may have already purchased outdoor lighting for most of the parts your property to ensure the most security and safety after the sun has gone down, you most likely have been looking past another important type of lighting which is known as landscape lighting. This particular type of lighting is specially designed to accent floral and landscape arrangements throughout your yard. Amazing Solar Powered Landscape Lights

Many people who want to add some landscape lighting to their yard usually do some landscape design or plan to see where they would like the actual landscape lights. Most of these drawings and plans are designed around one element, the electrical wires that go to the lights.The illuminating effect from the landscape lighting can set your house apart from the others in the neighborhood and can also provide more of a sense of security to your house as well. There are though lots of different styles of lighting to consider and it is important to check out each style first before purchasing. Remember to also use only a moderate amount of lighting, not getting too crazy with it. Use the same style of lighting as well around your house as different styles of light can be confusing to the eye.

Landscape Lighting


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