Zonch 90

Metal out of landfills

Keep metal out of landfills:

Clean up the yard, remove scrap metal.  Offset the costs of hiring a roll off bin.

All Metals are Recyclable!

Get cash for material on your property from a renovation project.  Recycling reduces costs of new products for future projects.

Separate your Material:  A Magnet will help identify steel

Aluminum, Brass, Copper, Insulated wires, Stainless Steel, Batteries, etc.

Each type of material is then weighed by the pound.

(Weight of your material) × (Price per pound) = Cash for bin transport

Aluminum frames, Appliances, Aluminum Windows, Brass Door fittings

Copper Pipe: K, L, M, Brass Fittings, Cocks & Faucets, Boiler Coils,

BX Aluminum Wire, Single Conductor, Tech Cable Junction Boxes, Electrical panels, Lumex

All Metal Is Recyclable!






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