Debt Collector Rules

Debt, n. – An ingenious substitute for the chain and whip of the slaved river.  Ambrose Bierce

Debt Collector Rules

Collection agents in the United States are limited by the
Fair Debt Collection Practices Act (FDCPA).

Personal debts include

credit card debt, auto loans, mortgage payments, medical bills and other family
and household expenses not used for a business.

Canadian debt

collection regulations differ by province; however, there are some practices
that are generally off limits to all debt collectors.


If you are dealing with a debt, this information will help
you when dealing with debt collection agents.


Agents MUST:


Contact you in writing, or attempt to do so, before taking
any further action to collect a debt, including legal actions to secure payment
of the debt;


Identify themselves when contacting you about a collection


Provide information on the original creditor and amount owed.
The original creditor is the company or institution to which the debt was owed
before it was transferred to the collection agency.


agents are NOT permitted to:


Harass you or your family with threats of harm or violence,
use of obscene language or by making calls at unreasonable times of day;


Deceive you by providing inaccurate or misleading


Send you false legal documents or threaten to take legal
action they are not authorized or willing to take;


Charge interest or other fees that are not authorized by law;


Demand payment on an account that you have disputed without
providing proof that the debt is legitimate;

Contact your employer, relatives, friends and neighbors for

anything other than your direct contact information. In some instances debt
collectors may be permitted to contact employers to verify employment, job
title and mailing address.

Debt Collector Rules

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One thought on “Debt Collector Rules

  1. Andrew Weller

    This is very handy information to know, debt collectors can be abusive.
    Debt allows people and organizations to do things that they would otherwise not be able, or allowed, to do.
    Usually, people in industrialized countries use it to purchase houses, cars and many other things too expensive to buy with cash on hand.


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