Fake Book Sale

Fake Book Sale

Have you always wanted to learn to play your favorite song?

Ever wonder what that one chord is in that song?

Now you can find out with our Fake Book Sale!

We’ve got hundreds of titles on sale in all kinds of genres and styles.

From Broadway and jazz to fold and traditional, yo’re bound to find your favorite song in one of these books.

Get them now for 20% off!

Sale ends Wednesday, July 30

Use the link below to feature the Fake Book Sale:


all by myself

The Organ Sale saves you 20% off your favorite organ sheet music.

We’ve got classics from Bach as well as new music and arrangements for the modern musician.

Many different publishers are included, so don’t hesitate to pick some up today.

Don’t forget teachers get an additional 8% cash back with our Easy Rebates account!

Sale Ends Tuesday, July 15

Use the link below to feature the Organ Solo Sale:


Fake Book Sale


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