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Backyard Golf

Get a roll off bin and

Clean your backyard.

After Your back yard is free from clutter you will have room to enjoy the space at your leisure.  There are a large number of games perfect for your backyard

Backyard golf is a lawn game played in the United States. The game is very similar to golf, however, it uses fewer clubs (i.e. sand wedge, pitching wedge, and nine iron). The balls are wiffleballs that are often covered with electrical, duct, or masking tape. The courses typically consist of one central hole location where different tee boxes constitute different “holes.” Most courses have nine holes, although larger yards have been known to have 18 or 36+ holes. The game is very easy to play as it requires minimal technical skill. The large size of the ball and short distance of the holes make backyard golf conducive to casual play.

The whereabouts of the game’s origins remain unclear. It is entirely probable that the game was “invented” many times in many locations as a fun game in the vein of horseshoes, shuffleboard, or croquet. The game is very popular in Western Massachusetts where organized tournaments have occurred.

A relatively famous permanent course exists in Ludlow, Massachusetts on Chapin Street. It is known as the Ancient Nine or Lavoie Course. It is the only known course where the public is welcome to play the game on private property free of charge during daylight hours.

Just imagine how relaxing it would be, playing Golf at home with friends and neighbors.


Milton Roll-off Bins

    Roll-off Bins

AW Services’ Roll-off Bins has been actively trucking the Milton >Ontario and area for the past 30 years. We can handle your heavy loads of rubbish.

Our Large truck will haul soil, concrete, large full bins with one trip, easy.

This will help guide you;- AW Services’ Waste Disposal Service, will not accept: refrigeration related appliances, tires, sealed barrels, cylinders, or tanks, fluorescent tubes, treated lumber, solvents, chemicals, paint, flammable materials, weapons, dead animals, asbestos, and any other as defined by local, or federal regulations.

Customer assumes responsibility, financial or otherwise, for any and all prohibited materials disposed.

In the event of default or that the account is placed with a collection agency for collection, customer is responsible for reasonable attorney’s fees, miscellaneous costs of collection, collection agency fees, court costs, service charges and/or interest as allowed by law.

In the middle of a renovation, landscaping project or construction, you have a basement and/or garage that could use cleaning-out Call Andy; Daytime Monday^Friday – 905.399.6927 for a quote today. Our disposal bins can accommodate any job. No job is too big or too small. Our bins are always available and ready when you are! Our disposal bins are available in many sizes:

Milton Ontario Area Canada

Commercial Landscaping

01310577571_cactusflowersmall.jpgWhen people walk up to your business, the first impression will be a lasting impression. The landscaping around your business will be their first impression. Having a professional landscapers do the landscaping for you will assure you that you have a good image from people passing by.

A commercial landscaper is aware of ordinances in the community. They also know the time consuming job of planning the project to assure a great view. They will also keep the maintenance up and relieve you of that responsibility.

There is a lot more to landscaping than sticking a bush in the ground and letting it grow. It is important to know where water lines, electric cables, gas and telephone lines are before you start digging. Professional landscapers do that before the shovel hits the ground.

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Orlando Landscapers Landscaping With Artificial Grass

Artificial grass surfaces are a highly customizable additional to any landscape job-residential or commercial. Artificial grass is great for landscaping because there are so many turf products on the market that can be used for an array of landscape projects, regardless of size, shape, or surface. Landscaping Minneapolis: From A Landscaper’s Point of View

It is a very difficult job for a landscaper Minneapolis as it is required that they should have adequate knowledge and best landscaping supplies to do the work more skilfullyIt is all part of their safety training.

Consult the other businesses that have landscaping that you admire. That is always a good place to start. A full service landscaper will offer a variety of services. they will plan your area, add water features, add the attractive lighting to bring emphasis to an area, continue with maintenance of the property and be sure they control erosion when necessary.

You will not want to settle for less than the best. You will want someone who can take care of your outdoors and maintain the property to keep it at its peak. Eye appeal is important. Perhaps a bench or a poi pond will add the special effect to a quiet area of your property. Your pathways need to be safe and attractive. Will you be using concrete, brick or stone? Your professional landscaper will have the right answer to your questions.

Have you had to stand in the searing sun to water your yard? A professional can install sprinkler systems and make irrigation a mindless endeavor for you.
It will be set on a timer and needs no help to start and stop.

Solar lighting can add light to your commercial area and increase traffic safety when necessary. It will be set to turn on at dusk and off at dawn. There is no need for you to flip a switch to get it going. it will happen automatically.

There are other options. You can draw a plan of your property and start there. Then you can diagram the entire property to point out each obstacle and other feature of your property. After that, you can search the nurseries and garden suppliers for plants that may or may not grow the way you would want them too. You can then take time off from work to call all of the utility companies and ask them to come out to label the areas that you need to exercise caution.
From there, you can have your soil checked to see what is needed to enrich it. Then you will start to plant, plant and plant some more. Maintenance will proceed from there. You will weed the area, water the area and replace the bushes that die at your own expense.
Your other option is to hire a landscaper and let them do the work. Sign up for a maintenance plan. Your only job will be to write the check every month and admire the work.

Landscape Lighting


    Landscape Lighting

As a landscaper there are many other things to consider other than the plants themselves. What makes your beautiful landscaping stand out is from the lighting surrounding them. The lighting is what electrifies the trees and flowers at night. There are several different kinds of lighting to consider though. Listed below are the different forms of lighting and a description of each.

Lets you show off a large sculpture or tree. You can even add multiple spotlights around an object to better the effect.

Path Area Lights

To light up your sidewalk or pathway at night for your guests

Flood and Well Lights

For illuminating tree canopies and large objects with a flood like look of PAR lamps

Specialty Lights

Specialty lights can be used for several lighting such as decks, steps, or underwater
If you need a custom application or fit this is the way to go

Lighting up your landscaping can be exciting.

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Landscaping Lights

Landscaping lights will complete the beauty of a landscaped garden. What are they specifically and how will it benefit you as a homeowner? Solar Powered Landscape Lights

Landscape lighting is a great way to highlight your home’s architecture and make pathways more visible. Porch lighting, outdoor sconces, outdoor chandeliers, landscape lights, for the outdoors or an outdoor sheltered area, can make a real difference in between a boring house and an exciting one! What is Landscape Lighting?

If you are like many home-owners now, while you may have already purchased outdoor lighting for most of the parts your property to ensure the most security and safety after the sun has gone down, you most likely have been looking past another important type of lighting which is known as landscape lighting. This particular type of lighting is specially designed to accent floral and landscape arrangements throughout your yard. Amazing Solar Powered Landscape Lights

Many people who want to add some landscape lighting to their yard usually do some landscape design or plan to see where they would like the actual landscape lights. Most of these drawings and plans are designed around one element, the electrical wires that go to the lights.The illuminating effect from the landscape lighting can set your house apart from the others in the neighborhood and can also provide more of a sense of security to your house as well. There are though lots of different styles of lighting to consider and it is important to check out each style first before purchasing. Remember to also use only a moderate amount of lighting, not getting too crazy with it. Use the same style of lighting as well around your house as different styles of light can be confusing to the eye.

Landscape Lighting

Spring Landscaping


    Spring Landscaping

When you think of spring, what comes to mind? April showers bringing May flowers or getting out into your yard to begin your spring landscaping. This could be the time for sprucing up your yard or redoing the entire yard. Take a few minutes and walk around your property. What are the areas that need some help? Is it something that you would want to do, or would you rather hire professionals to give you the look you want?
Whichever you choose, it is always best to consult with professionals. While there may be catalogs that offer outrageously cheap choices for bulbs, seeds and bushes, it is important to realize that they are nationwide. You local garden shop and landscapers will be able to fit the right plants into your area. A perfect rose that may grow well in Atlanta, may not succeed in Portland and vice versa. Your local garden shop will have the knowledge to guide you to the right choices.
You have to choose the right materials for your spring landscaping. It should be materials from only the most reliable suppliers.

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Orlando Landscapers Moorpark Landscaping

The following article focuses on Moorpark landscaping projects. Moorpark has a mild, year-round climate, with warm, sunny, dry summers and cool, rainy winters. The area has slightly cooler temperatures than the surrounding areas, as it receives cooler air from the ocean through various hill and mountain passes. This combination offers a tremendous variety of landscaping opportunities for Moorpark residents, from the use of trees and shrubs, to unique water treatments and patios. Landscaping 4 Home – Residential Landscape Ideas

A beautiful landscape enhances both the value of your property and the quality of your life. Therefore, it is important that you know how to do landscaping. Here, then, are some residential landscape ideas.Don’t try to save too many dimes with your spring landscaping. It is important to be sure that you have materials that will carry you through spring and into summer. An example of good landscaping is that which looks as good in July as it does in April.
Will the bulbs that you planted in fall give you the look you want for your spring landscaping? They will if you received the correct advice before you dug the first hole. You can have an array of perennials surrounding your green carpet of grass that will have the neighbors pausing to take a look.
Local landscapers are familiar with the effects of local weather conditions and can advise you and ultimately save you money.
This will happen after you plant the correct materials in the correct location at the correct time. Spring landscaping takes skill and prowess. It also takes a lot of energy. it will set the mood for the rest of the year.
As you walk out on your deck, what do you see? Is it a sight that makes you smile, pat yourself on the back and know it was a job well done, or does the view need some help? Perhaps you have done it all alone and exhausted your personal knowledge of spring gardening. The effects are not what you expected but you aren’t sure what to do. The thing to do is consult with the professionals.
Spring gardening will be a lot more rewarding if you do it correctly. Consulting with professionals can make that happen. Advice is free. By engaging professional landscapers into your spring landscaping plans you will have a yard and garden that will grow and thrive.
Maintenance of your spring garden is vital. You will need to keep the lawn mowed and edges sharp. Your lawn and shrubs need to be fertilized and weeds need to kept under control. Walkways and patios need to be cleaned and leaves need to be removed. Your sprinkler system may need some maintenance. There is a lot to be done and not everyone has the energy or the desire to do it themselves. Help is available.

Spring Landscaping