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Roll off Dumpsters
AW Services
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Milton, Ontario .
Phone (905).399.6927
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Drop-off and Pick-up Dumpsters

We offer do-it-for-yourself bin rental services for residential and commercial use.  We will take almost any junk –garden waste, dirt, concrete and renovation rubbish, old furniture and appliances.  Our rates come with 40 years of trucking service and experience!

Just call Andy Phone (905).399.6927
Email zonch90@yahoo.com

to receive an instant credit off towards your order.

Great customer service, communication and total satisfaction is very important to us and that’s why our friendly, professional staff is always courteous and on time to help your project will run smoothly.

We carry all sizes of bins (small, medium, large, extra-large and selecting the right one for your job couldn’t be easier.

If you prefer to sort through your junk and load at your own pace, then renting a disposal bin is the right option for you.  Our do-it-yourself option is great if you want to save a little money and don’t mind getting your hands dirty.  Rent a bin from us, and we’ll drop it off and pick it up whenever you’re ready.

We make everything easy for you with our simple bin rental process.

AW Services will remove almost anything – garden waste and renovation rubbish, old

furniture and appliances.  We provide junk removal and do-it-yourself bin rental with rates lower than you’d expect!

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Reliable Service

We know that it’s very difficult to find a reliable disposal service and that’s why you can rest assured that your search has ended right now.

AW Services is dedicated to cover all your needs.

From delivery, to pick up, to disposal, you are personally handled, ensuring that every project continues smoothly.  A W Services  will pick up and deliver on time, give you great customer service and best pricing on bin rentals and junk removal.

Environmentally Responsible

Professional Staff

Professional and courteous staff.

AWS always ensures you are completely satisfied with our quality service.  We will call you when we are 30 minutes away to let you know we are on the way, and confirm any last minute changes.   Our junk removal service is dependable and second to none, which is why our customers speak so highly about us, and use our services repeatedly.

We’re confident you’ll love working with us!

Popular Q&A

Q: What is the average monthly cost of dumpster service?
A: Normally, dumpster service charges from $90 to $280 a week depending on the location and the size of the dumpster, find the most suitable size.   Phone (905).399.6927
Email zonch90@yahoo.com
Source: wiki.answers.com
Q: How much a month does it cost to have dumpster service?
A: The cost of a dumpster will vary depending on if it needs to be used for a homeowner or contracting purposes.  It will also depend on size, AW Services – 905 875 2455
Source: wiki.answers.com
Q: What are the main trash and dumpster services available in Milton, Ontario
Q: What is the Address and phone # for debris pick up and roll-off dumpster Rental.
AW Services
14th side rd
Milton, Ontario .  Phone (905) 399 6927

Great communication is important to us. It’s a key to a successful, enduring business relationship and AW Services is committed to every relationship with authenticity, gratefulness and flexibility.

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waste, Disposal, Bins, Bin rental, Milton area, Phone (905).399.6927
Email zonch90@yahoo.com  Milton Ontario
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Phone (905).399.6927
Email zonch90@yahoo.com

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