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I do not usually do things like this, but I felt compelled to share our families experience, so hopefully no one has to suffer like my son did.  Last Wednesday our family decided to go swimmin…

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Barrie Speedway

Barrie Speedway is a 1/3 mile tri-oval racing track located in Oro-Medonte, Ontario, Canada, north of Barrie.

It is a member of the NASCAR Whelen All-American Series for the Ontario Provincial and National (Continental) championships, and hosts a NASCAR Canadian Tire Series race.

Location 8th Line of Oro-Medonte between Barrie and Orillia just off of Highway 11, Oro-Medonte, Ontario, Canada
Capacity 4000
Owner Rick and Diane Cunningham
Broke ground 1965
Construction cost $2 Million Dollar Upgrade 2004
Major events NASCAR Canadian Tire Series
Hudco Electric Supply 300
NASCAR Whelen All-American Series
OSCAAR Super Late Model Series
OSCAAR Modified Series
CASCAR Super Series
Surface asphalt tri-oval
Length 5/9 km (1/3 mi)
Turns 2

Past Winners of the NCTS race:

2007 D. J. Kennington
2008 Scott Steckly
2009 Don Thomson, Jr.
2010 D. J. Kennington (2)
2011 Mark Dilley
2012 Pete Sheperd III

Barrie has three home divisions; Late Models, Thunder Cars and Pure Stocks. Other touring series are hosted throughout the season, including the NASCAR Canadian Tire Series, Ontario Legends Series, TQ midgets, and OSCAAR.

The track underwent major upgrades in 2004 which included upgrades to seating, pits and a full resurfacing and partial reconfiguration of the racing surface into its present short track tri-oval.

UPDATED: Barrie Speedway Closed Permanently.

Twitter Users In Waste Management

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Waste Management is the leading provider of comprehensive environmental solutions in North America.

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Dog waste management #IRA14 winner: Doggy Dun It Doggy Dun It Pick Up Scoop.

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Future of Manufacturing with Atlantic Canada

October 4, 2014 – Halifax, Nova Scotia –
Industry Canada

Industry Minister James Moore today toured the Irving Shipbuilding’s Halifax Shipyard, the facility that will produce the Royal Canadian Navy’s newest combat fleet as part of Canada’s National Shipbuilding Procurement Strategy.

During his visit to the facility, the Minister hosted a round-table discussion with local industry leaders to discuss the future of Atlantic Canada’s manufacturing industry. This round table is part of the Minister’s cross-country tour to discuss the strength of Canada’s manufacturing sector and to engage business leaders on opportunities for growth. The tour coincides with National Manufacturing Month, an effort by Canadian Manufacturers & Exporters to educate Canadians about the sector’s economic and social impact.

During the consultation, the Minister heard from business leaders about issues that affect companies’ competitiveness—domestically and abroad—and how government and business can each take steps to position the industry for continued success and growth. He highlighted the actions the government has taken to support the manufacturing industry and to establish the right economic conditions for success. These included lowering taxes, cutting the corporate tax rate from over 22 percent in 2007 to 15 percent today, and removing the federal capital tax.

The Minister also emphasized the sector’s importance to the Canadian economy, citing the impressive fact that manufacturing employs close to 1.7 million people in a high-tech, high-skill sector. It is one of Canada’s largest business industries.
Quick facts

Canada’s manufacturing sales have bounced back and are up more than 25 percent since the recession.
The industry has become a high-tech, high-skill economic engine in Canada, accounting for almost 11 percent of GDP. The government has made significant investments to support an innovative and competitive manufacturing industry in Canada.

For example, under the Strategic Aerospace and Defence Initiative (SADI), our government is providing close to $1 billion to create economic and technological benefits throughout the economy, to help attract and retain highly qualified workers, and to lay the groundwork for partnerships. Ultra Electronics Marine Systems Inc. was the first Atlantic Canadian company to receive a SADI repayable contribution.

A key part of supporting manufacturers is ensuring that they have global markets for the goods they produce. Through its Global Commerce Strategy, the government concluded seven different free trade pacts with 37 countries. It has also concluded or implemented foreign investment promotion and protection agreements with 22 countries and continues to deepen trade ties with the largest, most dynamic markets in the world.

Canada’s two most recent trade agreements, the Canada–European Union Comprehensive Economic and Trade Agreement (CETA) and the Canada–Korea Free Trade Agreement, promise to add at least $14 billion annually in new economic activity, equivalent to creating more than 90,000 new jobs.

Since 2006, Canada has gone from having free trade agreements with only five countries to now having free trade agreements in force, or being finalized, with 43 countries around the world.

Both the International Monetary Fund (IMF) and the Organisation for Economic Co-operation and Development (OECD) expect Canada to be among the strongest growing economies in the G7 over this year and next.

In 2013, Canada leapt from sixth to second place in Bloomberg’s ranking of the most attractive destinations for business.

According to KPMG, total business tax costs in Canada are the lowest in the G7.

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38th Annual Corn Roast

    38th Annual Corn Roast

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38th Annual Corn Roast

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Milton Roll Off Bins

    Milton Roll Off Bins

HAndy Disposal tips  Milton, Ontario

      An experienced roll-off dumpster rental
      company will be the essential component of effective

Waste Management    Milton, Ontario

        and removal.
        Experience managing your

construction site   Milton, Ontario

      Adhering to requirements. You may be planning home renovations or a spring cleanup day, you’ll need to rent a dumpster to remove your trash and debris, easily and safely.
       As more people move to cities those cities grow larger and larger. Tu rning urban areas into constant hives of construction.
       Any venture that mixes heavy machinery, volatile chemicals, unstable surfaces, busy workers is bound to face work place accidents.  Keep it clean, rent a bin.
      Choosing your rental

bin size

      isn’t difficult, and there are a few things we know that will make it even easier and faster. On top of that, by teaming with AW Services, you will be able to save money and get

dumpster truck90

        the absolute best Waste Management service possible in Milton.
      Here are a few hAndy tips to help you get started.
      Before reserving your roll-off dumpster rental …1 905 399 6927
      Understand the type of trash you need to have removed.

When calling AW Services or any roll-off dumpster rental company. We will ask you what type of waste you’ll be disposing.

This helps us determine the size of the container you need and will also make sure that you won’t be disposing of hazardous waste, like asbestos, pesticides or chemicals.

You may include things that are okay like drywall, shingles, lumber, appliances.

When you want the container and for how long is important to us for planning our day’s work.
Scheduling your roll-off rental will allow us to save time and you to save money. Your waste disposal will be more effective with good planning.

Before calling A W Services, be sure that you know exactly when you will be ready for the Waste Management bin and when you plan to have it picked up.

If you’ve had an unforeseen issue and you are in a rush?   A W Services offers same-day delivery.
When you’re surprised by how much trash you actually have.  That’s when same-day delivery of a roll-off dumpster (with a Bobcat) rental comes in hAndy.   Milton, Ontario Phone  (905).399.6927
Email  Andrew Weller Services  Write this number on paper a stick it to your fridge.

Talk to Andy at AW Dumpster Services he offers same-day delivery for residential and commercial roll-off bins in Milton.  Phone (905).399.6927
Email – Just ask Andy!

Find a spot where the container you rent will be placed.
This is important and can be overlooked by first time  Milton Disposal – Ontario Waste Management – bin renters.

You need to make sure you have the space for the container and the truck. On the ground, and vertically, look for tree limbs, hydro lines etc. Get the dimensions of the containers available to be sure it will fit at your work site.
1 905 399 6927

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In the middle of a renovation, landscaping project or construction,  you have a basement and/or garage that could use cleaning-out    Call  Andy;  Daytime  Phone (905).399.6927
Email,  for a quote today.    Our disposal bins can accommodate any job.   No job is too big or too small.   Our bins are always available and ready when you are!   Our disposal bins are available in many sizes:

Milton Ontario Area  Canada

Milton, Ontario

Milton, Ontario (Photo credit: Wikipedia)

Produced By WGEL Canada.   Phone (905).399.6927

Summer Renovation

    Summer Renovation

Everyone knows a roll-off bin is the best way to handle renovation debris. Many people don’t know other best practices.

Renovations, such as kitchen or bathroom, you may need or want done in your home. Don’t neglect structural deficiencies that are very critical to the value of your home, or your basic physical health and safety.

This safety issue has become very common in many North American cities, within 15 to 20 years. Many homes are at risk of becoming uninhabitable, if homeowners continue to emphasize lifestyle luxuries over basic structural improvements.

Technical drawing is an important step in all renovations, composing plans that visually communicate how your new kitchen functions or is to be constructed keep you on track.

Technical drawings are is essential for communicating ideas in all industries and engineering. To make the drawings easier to understand, people use familiar symbols, perspectives, units of measurement, notation systems, visual styles, and page layout. Together, these conventions make a visual language, and will help everyone involved understand your desires to ensure that the drawing is clear-cut and relatively easy to understand.

This need for precise communication in the preparation of a functional document distinguishes technical drawing from the expressive drawing of the visual arts. Artistic drawings are subjectively interpreted; their meanings are multiply determined. Technical drawings are understood to have one intended meaning.

A draftsperson or draughtsman is the person that will make your plans a drawing. A professional drafter will make technical drawings for your new kitchen.

Before you use the plans in these drawings you need to plan what you will do with your old kitchen.
The most convenient way to remove the rubbish is by using a roll-off dumpster.

The bin can be placed in a position to allow for easy loading. Below a window or close to the door, an easy exit for the trash will save time and money. Just throw your old kitchen into the roll off container and everything is gone.

Summer Renovation