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Backyard Golf

Get a roll off bin and

Clean your backyard.

After Your back yard is free from clutter you will have room to enjoy the space at your leisure.  There are a large number of games perfect for your backyard

Backyard golf is a lawn game played in the United States. The game is very similar to golf, however, it uses fewer clubs (i.e. sand wedge, pitching wedge, and nine iron). The balls are wiffleballs that are often covered with electrical, duct, or masking tape. The courses typically consist of one central hole location where different tee boxes constitute different “holes.” Most courses have nine holes, although larger yards have been known to have 18 or 36+ holes. The game is very easy to play as it requires minimal technical skill. The large size of the ball and short distance of the holes make backyard golf conducive to casual play.

The whereabouts of the game’s origins remain unclear. It is entirely probable that the game was “invented” many times in many locations as a fun game in the vein of horseshoes, shuffleboard, or croquet. The game is very popular in Western Massachusetts where organized tournaments have occurred.

A relatively famous permanent course exists in Ludlow, Massachusetts on Chapin Street. It is known as the Ancient Nine or Lavoie Course. It is the only known course where the public is welcome to play the game on private property free of charge during daylight hours.

Just imagine how relaxing it would be, playing Golf at home with friends and neighbors.


Milton Roll-off Bins

    Roll-off Bins

AW Services’ Roll-off Bins has been actively trucking the Milton >Ontario and area for the past 30 years. We can handle your heavy loads of rubbish.

Our Large truck will haul soil, concrete, large full bins with one trip, easy.

This will help guide you;- AW Services’ Waste Disposal Service, will not accept: refrigeration related appliances, tires, sealed barrels, cylinders, or tanks, fluorescent tubes, treated lumber, solvents, chemicals, paint, flammable materials, weapons, dead animals, asbestos, and any other as defined by local, or federal regulations.

Customer assumes responsibility, financial or otherwise, for any and all prohibited materials disposed.

In the event of default or that the account is placed with a collection agency for collection, customer is responsible for reasonable attorney’s fees, miscellaneous costs of collection, collection agency fees, court costs, service charges and/or interest as allowed by law.

In the middle of a renovation, landscaping project or construction, you have a basement and/or garage that could use cleaning-out Call Andy; Daytime Monday^Friday – 905.399.6927 for a quote today. Our disposal bins can accommodate any job. No job is too big or too small. Our bins are always available and ready when you are! Our disposal bins are available in many sizes:

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